A2D Talkshow

Two primary faiths divide our home Africa; Christianity and Islam. These two faiths have the same ancestral father ( Abraham), yet we see much bigotry amongst those who practice this faith. There is an apparent dichotomy between them. This dichotomy is in their approach and worship of God and their world views of life after death. However, they share similar societal and moral values. With these similarities, we still see bigotry, religious wars. 

We can also see the similarities between the tribe and ethnicity, which seek to uphold peace, justice, love, and serenity. Yet, we still have seen bigotry, microaggression, and tribalism.

This topic explains how cultural values and faith are pivotal to sustaining and developing our countries and our home in Africa that we hope to build. 

Family is the building block of a nation and without a healthy family and cultural values. Society slip into the cancer of social vices and abnormalities. The church and mosque are the main factors to urge moral living and peaceful coexistence with others: Treating each other with love and kindness.

In conclusion, we will speak about why our culture and faith are critical in sustaining growth