A2D Talkshow

In previous episodes, we talk about abortion, presenting two significant premises, firstly,  that life begins at birth, and the very act of abortion is the killing of an innocuous child. Secondly, the woman has the right to her body. Therefore she can decide to obliterate the unborn. We also saw arguments that killing the child prevents the child from living an impoverished life when the mother isn’t financially stable.   To corroborate the pro-choice arguments, we discussed the premises about the mothers’ mental health during pregnancy and in the case of rape.  However, the pro-life argument remains the same “abortion is tantamount to first-degree murder”.  Many on the opposing side still believe that the pro-life debate starts at conception and ends at birth, but that is untrue.   In this episode, we will speak on the pro-life argument: life after birth.  join us in this open discussion; let’s agree to disagree