A2D Talkshow

While we all know how cultural and religious our home Africa is and promote the artistic value and faith-based principles, we have slipped into the darkroom of tribalism and religious bigotry. This culture and faith have become a political tool causing a divide amongst the people.

Leaders and the political elite have exploited this divide to rise and remain in power. We have seen the rise of xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in Ghana and South Africa, to name a few. We can see this pattern and attitude of bigotry all around Africa. We are segregating people because of their culture and faith and even Nationalist. This topic explores how deleterious this act of tribalism and religious intolerance is to the development of nations. It seeks to give an example of these acts and how to solve the problems. we hope to come to a resolute that resonate with the phrase “all people are created equal under God