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Written By Kelechi Oji

July 1, 2021

Climate Change: Failed Prediction of Politician and Alarmist

Climate Change, a phrase commonly used by environmentalist politicians and everyday global citizens, Climate change, is getting the most traction it has ever had since its inception. Industries, Firms, and companies are going green, activists, and politicians are hopping on this “global threat,” hoping to save us from our dying planet.

The concept of climate change is in itself very genuine. The global temperature is changing drastically. Global warming and the rise in sea level are all evidence of this fact.

However, Climate Change has long been used for political gains, instilling fear of an existential level to the masses. It is used as a moral indicator or criteria, and those that dare not oblige are demonized and ostracized. The media heads have also played their part, publishing sinister headlines [ ‘We have 10 years to save our planet’ ].

While it is vital to plant trees and make our environment habitable, we should not implement draconian rules or regulations to implement these changes.

Climate change doom sayer’s Eco-apocalyptic predictions have a long history of being wrong on every level.  These specious predictions have come from politicians, “scientist,” activists, and media powerhouses.

This tome seeks to show 50 times these doomsayers have been wrong.

Thanks to Tony Heller, who first collected many of these news clips and posted them on real climate science


1. 1967: Dire Famine By 1975

Everyone will disappear in a cloud of Blue Steam by 1989

Source: Salt Lake Tribune November 17, 1967


2. 1969: “Everyone will disappear in a cloud of Blue Steam by 1989”

Everyone will disappear in a cloud of Blue Steam by 1989

Source: New York Times, August 10 1969


3. 1970: Ice age By 2000

Ice age By 2000

Source: Boston Globe, April 16 1970.


4. 1970: “America Subject to Water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980”

America Subject to Water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980

Source: Redlands Daily Facts, October 6, 1970


5. 1980: Acid Rain Kills Life in Lakes

Acid Rain Kills Life in Lakes

Source: Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, IN) April 9, 1980

But 10 years later, the US government program formed to study acid rain concluded.

acid rain study concluded

Source: Associated press, September 6, 1990



 6. No End in sight to 30 years cooling Trend

No End in sight to 30 years cooling Trend

Source: New York Times January 5, 1978

But according to NASA Satellite data there is a slight warming trends since 1979

Nasa Data

Source: DrRoySpencer.com


7. James Hansen Forecasts Increase Regional Drought in 1990s

James Hansen Forecasts Increase Regional Drought in 1990s

But the Last really dry year in the midwest was 1988 and recent years have been record wet.

Hansen's forecast date

Source: RealClimateScience.com


1988: Washington DC  days Over 90F to from 35 to 85

climate change, prepare for long hot summers

But the number of hot days in DC area peaked in 1911 and have been declining ever since.

hansen's forecast date

Source: Realclimatescience.com



Okay you get the point,  for more failed prediction visit Realclimatescience.com

We must understand that we must take good care of our environment and the planet ( whatever that means) but creating fear and sinister headline for the sole purpose of political maneuvering and manipulations is dreadful and horrendous. We must approach the subject of climate change as objective as we can asking the right question and taking the right steps.

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Azuka Olisemelie
Azuka Olisemelie
3 years ago

This is a beautiful piece. I have not been in support of the manner at which climate change has been politicized.

3 years ago

Detailed piece!

Chioma Opiah
Chioma Opiah
3 years ago

Going back to see past, false, climate headlines is quite ridiculous. This is really Wonderful. Our behavioural approach to matters such as climate and environmental issues, should change from what it is, to would can better our world.

Hamid Nasiru
Hamid Nasiru
3 years ago

Quite insightful. There is an alarmist approach employed, especially by western media to drive action rooted is paranoia of the citizens.

However, given the nature of global politics, are there alternatives to driving the kind of action needed to reverse the adverse effect of capitalist driven consumption that represents the bulk of adverse environmental practices threatening the very survival of the world.

At the end of the day, this kind of exaggerated narrative is the only language the people hear and therefore use it to push their elected leaders to make the kind of decisions needed to conserve the earth.

Question is: is there a better way to communicate the state of the environment to get the level of action recorded thus far?😁

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