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Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here

“And He said unto them ‘ I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven” – Jesus the Nazarene.

Most of life’s pain and sufferings are due to man’s malevolence, Greed, and the lust for power, money, and all what not. We have grown to understand love and hate, malevolence, evil, and wickedness. How did God’s creation become so capable of wickedness and evil? How can slave owners look upon their tinted image and yet commit atrocities against them? How can man develop concentration camps and, within those walls, perpetuate nefarious acts against mankind ( Nazi Germany)? How can a political leader watch millions starve to death due to political feud and power greed? How can Joseph Stalin be born and raised by a woman, cause one of the worst famines in Europe ( the Holodomor of Ukraine)? How can king Leopold II with all his powers and riches in Belgium, yet greed found a place in his heart, and he acted out such greed, killing millions in DR Congo? All for what? How can African chiefs sell their own race for weaponry? How can doctors who swore to protect and preserve lives carry out the Tuskegee experiment? How did the event of unit 731 happen? How did man grow so heartless and without a soul? How can the American Government pass into law the killing of children in the disguise of women’s choice? How can we humans save ourselves from us? How can a man seek to satisfy his sexual desire forcefully on a woman? How can we behold the best man that ever lived  Christ with so much anger and contempt that we went an extra mile to nail him on the cross for the sin he didn’t commit.

Definition, Definition is the answer to the questions above. How we define a thing determines how we approach and treat it. We must be cautious of our definition. We should have ideologies but not let ideologies have us. We must observe ourselves; hence we may become the monster we are fighting.

Hitler didn’t see the Jews as people, as humans. If he did, he would have guilt and shame for his actions against them. He saw them as enemies to be killed, enemies of Germany’s progress. Therefore killing and exterminating the Jews will be for a higher cause than pure wickedness. Same with the doctors that carried out the Tuskegee experiment. Black men weren’t people to them. They were simply lab rats and sub-humans. Once there is an ill-definition of a thing, our approach to it reflects such definitions.

For example, most Americans love dogs. They treat them well. This pet has a place in the heart of all citizens of the west. The dog is considered part of the family and even of society. However, in parts of Africa, the same dogs are hunted and cooked for dinner, “what!!’ you may exclaim. The lover of dogs may call such people heartless and without a soul. If you really love dogs, you may sue such persons for animal cruelty. The people who practice the killing and eating of dogs are possibly the nicest in Africa. How can the nicest people kill and eat such an innocent and “cute” animal? Definition.

Don’t be quick to judge; you lover and defender of dogs, you eat beef (cow meat). What do the Hindus think of you? You are literally eating their ancestor, god, or whatever sacred symbol attached to cows. To them, you are cruel, you are not, but you get my point.

The moment we define the baby in the womb as a lump of cells, removing such a lump isn’t murder. The moment black people are considered sub-human, enslaving them isn’t a crime to be ashamed of. When Christ is no longer defined as the son of God, his crucifixion becomes a mere punishment.

We have caused more suffering on earth here simply because of Definition. The devil gave Eve the definition of the fruit (Genesis 3 vs. 1-5), she accepted, and here we are, in this fallen world. We are up against world indoctrination, the media is forcing you to believe or define something. Whatever such definition is, it will affect your approach to such things greatly. Scrutinize every ideology; have an ideology, don’t let it have you.

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here to convince you that we don’t need God – the moral lawgiver. Hell is empty, and all the devils are here to tell you that keeping yourself till marriage is absurd and old-fashioned. Hell is empty, and all the devils are here to tell you that hating men is the right thing to do for the sake of gender equality. Hell is empty, and all the devils are here telling you that respecting and honoring the family structure is ludicrous. Hell is empty, and all the devils are here telling young men that sexual immorality is okay and acceptable. Hell is empty, and all the devils are here convincing women that their body is a product you should sell for fame and money. Hell is empty, and all devils are here convincing us that hating each other because of political and cultural differences is fine and okay. Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

“So Humble yourselves before God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”– James the apostle

12 thoughts on “Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here”

  1. Definition… You really open eyes through this piece. Definition… This is the sort of article you read over and again to keep your mind guarded. Definition is the source of man’s choices, actions & inactions.

  2. David Mike-Ewewie

    Definition is everything to be honest. protect your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.

  3. akinlabi aderibigbe

    Definition is important and so fragile.
    The definition of definition isn’t even definite

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