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The Death Of God

God is dead. God remains dead, and we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers.” -Fredrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche declares the death of God in late 1800, the last years of the 19th century. His quote is a prophecy fulfilled during the horrors of the 20th century. The phrase ” the death Of God” is more profound than its literal meaning; if God is indeed dead, who killed him? According to Nietzsche, we did. But how did we kill what was or is the holiest and mightiest of all? The death of God speaks more to the defiance of religion and absolute truth; Truth where all things find meaning. The death of God is the birth of Nihilism (the value of nothing). The death of God speaks to the destruction of a moral standard or ideal, and when standards are destroyed, we can’t know when we have fallen short and how to progress or repent. The death of God is the creation of relativism and radical liberalism.

The death of God means that we have ignored and shut out the moral lawgiver and his laws, and without whom, we are doomed. The death of God is not atheistic as many hope it is.

Every successful civilization is established on two significant pillars Revelation and knowledge. Revelation meaning faith, acceptance, and recognition that there is more that transcends us. There is more to life than what is visible or empirical. Revelation admits that there is a God to be honored and accountable to. Knowledge is logic, invention, discovery, and advancement. Knowledge is the ability to think, solve problems and provide for needs. Knowledge is philosophy, insight. Western civilization was birthed on these two pillars. Without any one of the pillars, our society is destined for doom. A culture that focuses more on revelation, leaving the essence of logic, will be the bedrock of religious extremism, oppression, and stagnation (Africa is a case in point). A society that relies solely on logic/ Knowledge will commit horrible actions without the feeling of guilt or shame (Nazi Germany). The Horrors of the 20th century are a major consequence of God’s death. In the early 19th century, we humans had great works of philosophy, art, and science. We solved most of society’s daring and complex problems, and we felt like God or we didn’t need him. Medical inventions, automobile inventions, and much more result from logical and critical thinking but are no replacement for faith. This single act of ignoring a standard, a moral lawgiver, led to the killing of 43 million soldiers and 62 million civilians (this doesn’t include natural death, only casualties of the 20th-century war).

The death of God and its effect on human reasons is well defined by the quotes of Joseph Stalin; ” a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic.” the death of God is what resulted in Auschwitz, the Holodomor of Ukraine, Unit 731, and Tuskegee experiment.

In today’s world, God’s death is the permissive acceptance of abortion, sexual misconduct, corruption, pornography, rape, and many more.

When God dies, everything dies. When the moral law is no longer seen as canonical, Immorality ensues. When there is no value in life, Mortality becomes numbers. When God dies, man is free, free to be man, wicked, malevolent, horrible, egotistical, and nefarious.

When God lives, we understand and approach life as something valuable, we have a moral law to adhere to, we have a standard to align ourselves with, we have a check to ensure we are on the right tracks of morality. When God lives, we see ourselves as his creation ready for use for his purposes. When God lives, our society understands the importance of family, love, friendship, peace, humility, and unity in diversity. When God lives, we live.

God isn’t dead; we are.

14 thoughts on “The Death Of God”

  1. Nice writing, the title really did the job, good piece. My question is, is it only the “death of God” that cause decadence or is bad character and moral values the resulting factor of “God’s death”. Can’t people remain upright according to society standards but “God is dead” in their hearts, they don’t act out, but they never speak against it because they love it.

    Nice piece.

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