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Written By Kelechi Oji

January 26, 2023

The Endless Depths of Hell

Life in all its beauty can be a living hell, hell in the sense that what you desire (heaven) is distant, unreachable; the closest you can get is by imagining the warmth of paradise. Hell in the sense that there is a path, a journey; one does not arrive at hell suddenly. There is a gradual or even speedy journey to it. Many are surprised to be welcomed by devils when they arrive, not knowing that every step they took brought them to the gate of hell.


Hell is endless because no matter how ominous or hellish your life is, there is something you can do to make it a little worse, to descend a little deeper. Life can seem unfair. Goals and dreams remain as goals and dreams- never actualized. The more you dream, the farther you are from actualization. Then what do you do when dreams seem unachievable? – Give up? Loose faith? What will any of these result in? A life full of dreams is far more meaningful than a life without hope or ambition. Your current state of struggle- The struggle to achieve your goal is far more courageous and heavenly than hopelessness, no ambition, and no prospect.


Aiming for the stars and hitting the star is the most desirable state. However, Aiming and missing is far more glorious than just aiming without shooting. Aiming without shooting is, however, better off than not aiming at all. Having a star and the possibility of aiming is far better than not having a star to aim at. Not having a star to aim at while seeking one is closer to heaven than not seeking a star at all. You see, that is an entire journey from heaven to hell, best to worst, dreams to nightmares. So where are you exactly?


If you have a goal and are struggling to attain such a goal while putting in your best to achieve you should be proud of yourself. At least you have a goal, the desired state, and you know that you are not there yet if it were, it wouldn’t be a goal. Also, you know that to get there, you must try. Let’s say you have given up ( which means a step a little lower). You had a vision, a burning desire, but you are fatigued from failure and rejection, so you give up. At this stage, you understand what it means to fight even though you lost. You know what it means to lose. A man who understands failure is better off than a man who never tried and will never understand what it means to be defeated.


So where are you exactly? Life comprises different domains ( career, love, friendship, health, and family). What are your goals in each of these domains? Are you falling into the endless depth of hell in any of them? At what stage are you? Get back up. The man who fights but gets defeated is a hero compared to the man who fails without fighting.

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1 year ago

Giving me leviticus vibes. Beautiful piece of writing ❤️

Okeoghene Mba
Okeoghene Mba
1 year ago

A beautiful piece!

There is always what to do or not to make things worse or better. That was my take home.
Loved it.

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