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Written By Kelechi Oji

July 21, 2021

Transgenderism : The Flaw In The Idea

Transgenderism, you have probably heard of this concept either on TV or social media. A born and possibly fully grown man decides to identify as a woman, and he still has his male genitals, XY chromosomes, and perhaps male anatomy.

Let’s get one thing clear there is a difference between transgender and transsexuals. A transgender person ( According to the CDC ) is an umbrella term for persons whose gender identity or expression is different from their sex at birth, while a transsexual person is a trans person taking a step further to transition into their identified gender.

Long before now, gender and sex were somewhat indistinguishable, meaning your gender is your sex, and your sex is your gender. Gender is psychological; character and behavior. Sex is downright biological.

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Now you are familiar with this simple text made complex by certain groups, let’s dive deep into why the logic of Transgenderism is flaws and incoherent.

In a world of over 7.5 billion people, no one really cares about your sexual life, and some people don’t care about what you think of yourself. I don’t care if the waiter or the bus driver is gay or identifies as a moon; serve me my damn food or take me to my desired location. We must respect everyone, and the sanity of humanity must be preserved regardless of people’s gender, race, or any other variant or intersection.

Reality VS Identity:  The most significant flaw in Transgenderism is the placement of identity over reality. A Woman, a born woman with unique traits which can only be found in women, decides to identify as a man. Does her identity obliterate the fact that in observable reality  that  she is a woman? Does this self-identification give her male genitals or the right to compete in male sport? Should we all agree that her identity is far more important than reality? Let’s assume that we live in such a world where feelings are more important than fact. 

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Paint this scenario. A man has just been arrested for committing homicide. There are eyewitnesses to prove this, video footage to playback this horrendous event, and a laying dead body in a pool of blood; all these make the case inarguably and unequivocally true that he committed this homicide. This case is brought before the court of law in front of a disinterested judge. The family of the deceased hoping and knowing that justice should be served. Twenty years in prison should be the minimum sentences give to this maniacal human being. During the court session, this murderer stands up to his defense and says, ” All evidence point to me, the eyewitnesses, the video footage and the dead body. However, I identify as innocent, and I should be treated as such”. Then the Judge, in response, says, ” True, we know you did this. We have verifiable evidence, fact and proof that you committed this homicide, but because you identify as innocent we will let you go”. Would you say that justice was served? Would you judge anyone that speaks against this malevolent man as an innocent-phobic( the sudden fear of innocent people even though they are factually guilty)? You see, growing up at one point in our lives, we hoped and possibly believed that we were superheroes; Especially spider man. We felt we could jump through buildings and skyscrapers defying gravity and someday save the world, but we were young and probably stupid. 

Simplicity/ complexity:

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There are over 20 genders. However, you can only be one of the two at birth (Male or Female). If the idea of Transgenderism is restricted to just males and females, the ludicrousness of the concept will be lessened to a reasonable level. But unfortunately, it is not. How did gender become so complex? Why are we creating solutions where there are no problems?  Whatever anyone chooses to identify as, they will either have a male or a female genital, nothing in between. Also, whatever anyone chooses to identify as, you either look like a woman, man, or a combination of both. Really what does a Two-spirited gender person uniquely look like? I know what a man looks like and I know what a woman uniquely looks like. For the combination of both ( a person with a beard and a breast), I can identify what parts are feminine or masculine. I may be confused if asked to identify the whole, but I can’t attach gender identity to each element of the whole beyond masculinity or femininity. Biologically men have XY chromosomes, and women have XX chromosomes. Knowing this, what chromosomes are biologically unique in a pangender or two-spirited person?

Language Inconsistency: 

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Some languages are gender-specific, French and Spanish being the most common in this category, but let’s talk about the English language, which is the most spoken language, and how Transgenderism plans on making the English language harder than it already is. People identify as a different gender of their birth, but they also choose pronouns that they believe perfectly describes them. These individuals in the trans community claimed that ” They/Them” is their preferred pronouns. So an Individual (one person) identifies as They ( plural pronoun). They/ them are pronouns used collectively for 2 or more people. “He” or “She” are singular pronouns. Example ” he is coming” is correct in the English Language, but “they is coming” is totally wrong. If an individual (singular) decides to identify as “they” (plural), should we forget the introductory lessons of the English language to satisfy a tiny group of people that place feelings over fact and identity over reality?

We must treat people as we hope to be treated. All people deserved respect until they do something that deprives them of that. Trans people are human beings just like the rest of us. They should be treated with respect. However, the flaw in their reason cannot be overlooked, neither should it be held as canonical. 

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Okeoghene Godswill Mba
Okeoghene Godswill Mba
2 years ago

Well, elucidated.
It is a confusing concept. I dare say the concept of transgenderism further stresses the point that looks may be deceiving.
However, we must accommodate everyone including the mentally challenged.
Here is a link to more insight on the proper pronouns used to trans gender folks. https://uwm.edu/lgbtrc/support/gender-pronouns/

2 years ago

Hmmmmm…well said I must say

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