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Written By Kelechi Oji

October 22, 2021

Who Are You God?

“Is God willing to prevent evil but not able? then he is not omnipotent. Is he able but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? then why call him Gods.” -Epicurus

Who are you, God? The universe declares an intelligent designer. The detailings of life’s DNA prove the intentionality of a creator. The earth and other planets point to an all-powerful being. History has shown a wise planner, one who is not constricted by time. The making of a child in the womb speaks to the greatest of a supernatural being. The ocean and seas in their different depths show the mysterious attributes of a creator. Philosophers can’t grasp the rudiments of your wisdom. But who are you, God? Many claimed they know you. Many religions claim that their path is the surest path to you. The intrinsic moral law within man speaks of your goodness and judgment. 

Who are you, God? Are you powerful? If yes, then why is there pain in this world, unbearable pain. Are you as loving as people claim, then why is there suffering among those who claim they love you and are loved by you? Are you all-knowing? Then why do we go through mysterious and unreasonable pain and avoidable suffering. who are you, God? Are you a myth like Zeus and Poseidon, or are you real? Are you one to have a conversation with? are you one to hope on and depend on?

Are you without emotions? That you consider our suffering and pain unimportant. Are you seated in the heavens far above us that you are unaware of the happenings on earth? Who are you, God? What is your position on evil and wickedness that has befallen this world? Why do you have natural disasters killing your creations? 

Who are you, God? A king who cares less about the suffering of slaves in Egypt, Europeans, Arabs, and the Americans? Where were you during the horrors of the 20th century that killed 108 million people? Who are you, God? Why do you let the wicked succeed and let the poor die in the hands of the mischiefs? Who are you, God? That we serve and worship you still our lives get undone by people who care-less people about you. Who are you, God? Are you “I am that I am”? Are you the beginning and the end? Who are you, God? That many claim they know you, who are you, God? 

I am God, the creator of the universe and everything in it. I set the centrifugal force of planetary movement precisely to balance the gravitational forces without which nothing could be held in orbit around the sun.

I am God who creates, then man discovers years after about that creation. I formed the laws of physic. The slightest variation in the speed of light ( 299,792,458 meters per second) would alter the other constants and preclude the possibility of life on earth.

I am God, I created time, I am not constricted by time. If the earth’s rotation took longer than twenty-four hours, the temperature difference would be too great between night and day. If the rotation period were shorter, atmosphere wind velocities would be too great.

I am God. If there were more seismic activity, much more life would be lost; less seismic activity and nutrients on the ocean floors and river runoff would not be cycled back to the continents through tectonic uplift. (yes, even earthquakes are necessary to sustain life as you know it).

I am Love, and you are proof of this great Love. Didn’t I send my son on earth, though a perfect man, He suffered more than you ever will or ever had? He suffered to restore you to me. Through him, there is hope for a better life after this life.

I am God, the first and the last. I see through time. I dethrone kings and crown servants.

I am God. I am aware of your pain and sufferings, but through them, I am making you a better and stronger person, and even in death, I am God. I see all things you don’t but trust me, I do.

I am God; my word doesn’t fall to the ground. If I say, I mean it. 

I am God. I want to have a relationship with you so that through you, many will know me. 

I am God, and pain is real. You live in a fallen world, but I will bring you to glory after a little time here, I will bring you to glory.


Finally, “It is a glorious phrase of the New Testament, that ‘he led captivity captive.’

The very triumphs of His foes, it means, he used for their defeat. He compelled their dark achievements to sub-serve his end, not theirs.

They nailed him to the tree, not knowing that by that very act, they were bringing the world to his feet.

They gave him a cross, not guessing that he would make it a throne.

They flung him outside the gates to die, not knowing that in that very moment, they were lifting up all the gates of the universe to let the King of Glory come in.

They thought to root out his doctrines, not understanding that they were implanting imperishably in the hearts of men the very name they intended to destroy.

They thought they had defeated God with His back the wall, pinned and helpless and defeated: they did not know that it was God Himself who had tracked them down.

He did not conquer in spite of the dark mystery of evil. He conquered through it.” – James Stewart.

Who are you God?

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2 years ago

Very insightful article.A deep insight into the questions asked on the minds of we humans and a true depiction of who God really is.

2 years ago

Interesting piece I must say

Miriam Joel
Miriam Joel
2 years ago

On the journey to knowing God, these are question that we inevitably ask but I have found God in my heart, I found his words to be true and above all I have seen the fullness of grace in his Son. This I have found to be enough

Okeoghene Mba
Okeoghene Mba
2 years ago

This was very exciting, mentally stimulating.

The concept of God is greater than the human mind. This is a must-read.

2 years ago

The paragraph on seismic activity just shows the importance of inquisitiveness excellently portrayed in this article. Nice on KC 💯

Joshua Pregbaha
Joshua Pregbaha
2 years ago

Wow. Can’t help but marvel every time I think about God. This incomprehensible being who’s ways and thoughts are far above ours. It’s amazing really. I’ve had that thought a few times that not knowing who God is means He doesn’t exist but it’s like Jon Bellion said, “Maybe I don’t know. But maybe that’s okay”

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