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Written By Kelechi Oji

August 1, 2022

Without God, Man is Dead

” Man is a creature with a creator, without which man has no soul, intent or purpose.”

God defines man, in all ramifications, as the creator and the epicenter of man’s search for meaning. Man constitutes of complex wired intelligence and biological uniqueness, suggesting a superior, high-order thinking creator—a creator who not only designs man but man’s environment; a habitable environment with incredible precision.

God has the epicenter of meaning; man is the only animal with a desire to find meaning. All other creatures seem to have their purpose figured out, predefined, not stressed to look beyond their current status quo – there is no beyond. Man, first needs God to exist and the environment created by God to survive and thrive, but more importantly, man needs God to navigate life and to find meaning and purpose. There is more to man than meets the eye. Man’s search for meaning is indicative of the unique complex intelligence of man, also comes innately as though God himself put such desire and curiosity in man. Hence the age-old question of “who am I?” “Why am I here?” ” Where do we go when we die?” these philosophical questions and curiosity suggest that there are answers to be found. If not, why ask them?

“Who am I” suggest that you as an individual are made up of unique characteristics, desires, and goals. ” Why am I here” indicate that you have a specific plan and purpose here on earth. You could be somewhere else, but here, it also suggests that you are not a biological mistake or a mere product of sex. ” What happens when we die?” is predicated on the fact that there is more to life than just living. It suggests that there is a place in a higher realm that we go to after death; it also proposes that this place, wherever it may be, carries consequence or reward for our actions and inactions here on earth. If life was all about living, why ask the question of life after death

Man is in a constant search for meaning; man as an identity and man as a society. Life becomes less miserable when we can answer specific questions. The sense of judgment after death is good enough to set the moral compass of an entire society. The knowledge that one will be judged based on how well one lived on earth precludes the liberty to commit evil deeds. The questions of “why am I?” if well answered, will create a selfless attitude in both the individual and society. The question of “Who am i” reveals that man is a product of God’s creation and should be treated with value and respect. Man is not just some lump of cell or number on a statistic. Man is God’s sovereign creature.

Man dies when he steps away from God or an Idea of a God. Man has no reference point for his deeds or actions. Man has no moral law and is inadequate to set up one himself. Hence man falls into decadence; Man without God becomes valueless, hence the clamor for abortion or war, where men are killed because of greed, pride, and hatred.

Without God, man ceases to exist as a fish without water. Without God, man becomes nihilistic – the value of nothing. Man, first dies internally – the soul before anything physical decay.

America is an example of a society of dead men, Men who believe that abortions are exemplary and should be applauded, and men who believe in homosexuality and praise it as though it is God’s design. A society that drinks sexual immorality as though it is water. Europeans experienced the consequences of living dead men. Hitler was a dead man long before his death; no living man would commit such horrendous acts against his fellow man. Some of Africa is ruled by dead men who care little about their fellow citizens while they store up treasure for their departed souls.

When Man dies, corruption grows, sexual immorality springs up, and praise evil as good and righteous. Without God, man thinks a man can become a woman by identity. Man believes there is more to the male and female. When Man steps out of God, Man rises in profanity and stupidity. Stupidity assumes that men can get pregnant. When Man dies, Logic that comes from God dies.

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Joshua Pregbaha
Joshua Pregbaha
1 year ago

I’m glad I read this and I wish everyone in the world could read this too. Welldone 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 may God help us

Joseph Enang
Joseph Enang
1 year ago

Profanity and Stupidity is the identity of dead men.

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